Setup Instructions

Setup instructions for Web Page config of the Automatic Azan & Jamah Wall Clock for Masjids made by AlAleem Systems, India.

Connecting to the Device’s WiFi

  1. Connect to the Device’s WiFi Hotspot / Access Point (usually of the type  and enter the password provided to you.
  2. Once connected, open a Browser in Phone/PC and navigate to in the address bar.
  3. You’ll see the AlAleem – WiFi Prayer Display Configuration Page load.
  4. Modify values accordingly and hit save.


Updating Jamath Times:


  1. Enter all Jamath timings in this format HOUR.MINUTE without addition of any AM/PM or other special characters. Eg: 6.35 or 12.55 or 7.00 (or 7.0)
  2. For Adjust_Maghreb_Mins, enter the number of minutes you’d like to add to the Sunset Timing (updated daily) to indicate start of Maghreb Time. This is usally 5 in the Indian Subcontinent or 0. Standard default is 5. Maghreb Time is automatically calculated daily.

Setting Time & Date

  1. In the Set_Time field, enter time in the following format HOURS.MINUTES.SECONDS only. Do not add AM/PM etc. Eg: 6.30.0 or 11.55.30 or 7.0.0
  2. The Set_AM_PM_HH field allows to indicate if the above time entered is AM or PM or HH (HRS). Values allowed are: AM or A or PM or P or HH or H. Use HH to set time in 24 HR format in the Set_Time field
  3. Use Set_Date to set Date in the Clock. Format: DATE.MONTH.YEAR (numeric only). Eg: 12.12.2018 or 1.3.2020 (1st March, 2020)

City & Taqweem Settings

  1. Open and select the City you need to update to the Display.
  2. Map the values as shown the below image:

Enter the Latitude and Longitude values of the City/Town in the City_LatitudeCity_Longitude fields respectively. Eg: For Hyderabad, India the values will be:

  1. City_Latitude: 17.37
  2. City_Longitude: 78.47


The Fajr_Angle and Isha_Angle values are based on the calculation method applied for the particular city and will be available in the website


The Asr_Juristic_Method can have either of the following values:

  1. Hanafi – Used predominantly in the Indian Subcontinent
  2. Standard – For Shafii and other Jurisdictions (Saudi Arabia, US, UK etc)


The Prayer Times Calculation_Method can be of any of the following:

Calculation Method Value
Muslim World League MWL
Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) ISNA
Egyptian General Authority of Survey Egypt
Umm al-Qura University, Makkah Makkah
University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi Karachi
Shia Ithna Ashari


Adjustment_Method can be either of the following, usually is default as None unless otherwise specified:

  1. None
  2. Midnight
  3. OneSeventh
  4. AngleBased


Time_Zone_Offset is the Timezone value of the Country.

Eg: For India, the GMT Timezone is GMT+5.5. Hence the value entered will be 5.5

For Saudi Arabia, it’s 3.0 and so on


Ramazan & Miscellaneous Settings

  1. Use the Is_Ramazan field to indicate the start and end of Ramazan. This is used to then show the Sahr (Suhoor / Imsak / Zawal / Pre-Dawn) and Iftar (Ghuroob / Sunset) timings calculated automatically. Values can be: Yes or Y or No or N
  2. Adjust_Sahr_Mins & Adjust_Iftr_Mins are used to add/subtract to the above calculated Sahr and Iftar times. For India, these are usually as:
    1. Adjust_Sahr_Mins: 10
    2. Adjust_Iftr_Mins: 5
  3. Use the Set_Brightness to change the brightness of the display. Values range from 1 (dimmest) to 100 (max brightness). To turn off the display, use the value 0.


For any help/support setting the display or for values, please visit us at or email us at