Following are the changes and updated release in this release:

New Features:

  1. Added the following times:
    1. Zawal (small time period before Zuhr Start when it’s prohibited to offer any Namaz)
    2. Tulu-Aftb – Sunrise – Indicates end of Fajr Time.
  2. Option to Disable showing the Start and End times of Prayers
    1. This can be done by setting No or N in the following field:
  3. Change Jumuah text to Jummah

The above features were requested by one of our Client. Instead of  making it available exclusively to them, I decided to patch it in the main version, so that everyone benefits and also future updates are in sync with all units.

Bug Fixes:

  1. The Custom Message Line 1 & 2 had a bug, wherein if less than 9 chars were entered (without spaces to complete the count of 9), text from the previous slot would be displayed. This has now been fixed
  2. Zuhr Jamath time would still be shown as Jummah on Friday, even after Jummah prayer time elapsed. Changed this to show as Zuhr Jamath Time after Jummah time elapses