In this firmware update, the following changes/enhancements were done:

  • Made the following events as Static, so that they show up before & after accordingly:
    • Tulu e Aftab (Sunrise)
    • Zawal
    • Iftar & Sahr Times

Previously, I noticed that it was difficult to easily see when the Fajr’ End time and accordingly offer it Self if not able to offer in congregation. This update will now enable you to see upfront when’s the end time of Fajr, thereby offering Fajr at the earliest.

Also, for offering Salath ul Duha / Ishraq, people would see the Ishraq time in the Display and then would have to remember it as there was no indication on the Display when it’d start. By making this Static before the Ishraq start time, people can easily offer the Ishraq Prayer and move back to homes as many of them continue sitting in Masjids after Fajr waiting to offer this prayer and move on with the day.

Similar features were added to show the Sahr & Iftar times as a Static Display when the Is_Ramazan flag is enabled in the App.